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QA Advisory & Test Management

Our QA Advisory & Test Management Service is the essential pillar of your testing improvement journey. Based on our expertise in conducting assessments and our rich, deep knowledge of best practices, we help organizations identify key improvement areas and support them in leading their projects with the best practices.

Our service covers the following activities :

  • Test Assessment & Roadmap Definition Identify pain points and relevant solutions, prioritize collaboratively, and define implementation roadmap
  • Test Strategy Definition Rethink your QA & Testing organization and governance at the CIO level to define efficient methods and tools for your projects. Optimize QA costs through resource simplification and mutualization
  • Test Architecture Design Define your test tool architecture integrated into your global delivery value chain. Select the right tools based on your context and optimize licensing costs and maintenance efforts
  • Test Management Engage a dedicated person to lead your QA and testing activities, deploy a risk-based testing approach, set up the right metrics, and ensure a successful go-live
  • UAT & OAT Coordination Support your business and operations in leading acceptance activities, including functional and non-functional tests such as performance, discovery, and security tests. Drive coordination with your providers

Automation & Quality Engineering

Automation & Quality Engineering, the key pillar of your digital tranformation journey !

Without a strong automation strategy and method for functional and non-functional topics, your digital transformation will not succeed, and your team will be disengaged due to multiple bugs and the constant rush for the Go-Live.

We can help you in the following topics:

  • Test automation from test automation approach to implementation, we support you to select the right tools and the correct frameworks
  • Performance Test we evaluate how well your system performs under specific conditions and ensure the reliability of your production with a strong performance test plan, simplify your maintenance
  • Test Data Management plan , create , store and maintain test data to be used in your software testing processes to ensure accurate and comprehensive test coverage
  • Envrionments & Service virtualisation one of the key sucess factors for testing to be independent and to succeed in your test automation journey
  • Agile & DevOps we support organisations to deploy agile and devops frameworks, train people, evangilise IT and business teams for a successfull digital transformation

Test Factory

Test Factory offers the best in class of the testing for your organisation!

Our Test Factory Service provides end-to-end testing services, combining industry best practices, advanced automation, and skilled professionals to deliver high-quality testing outcomes. This service accelerates testing processes, enhances product quality, and ensures a seamless and reliable software development lifecycle.

  • Functional & Non Functional tests We cover all the relevant testing levels from system test to acceptance test, including business test, technical test, API, performance, etc..
  • Risk based testing Strategic approach that optimizes testing efforts by prioritizing activities based on potential risks, and results in a robust testing strategy that enhances product quality, minimizes project uncertainties, and accelerates time-to-market.
  • Team coordination Orchestration of collaborative efforts within a group, fostering synergy and maximizing productivity, for test team and stakeholders of other services impacted by QA activities
  • Regression Test & Automation A solution designed to ensure the ongoing stability and reliability of software products. The objective is to reduce manual effort, accelerate the test lifecycle, optimize resource allocation, and enable teams to focus on innovation and user experience.

Enterprise Testing

Enterprise Testing Service is a specialized solution crafted to validate products in your ecosystem!

Packaged platforms require tailored solutions to assess customizations meticulously, ensuring optimal functionality, data accuracy, and performance within your unique system. It also requires strong governance to manage providers and maintain the platform.

Our service covers the following activities:

  • Testing for Packaged Platforms Employ advanced testing methodologies and tools to verify that the packaged software meets industry standards and aligns with your specific business requirements.
  • Integration Test Designed to ensure that your product release works flawlessly within your ecosystem, our Integration Test utilizes advanced techniques and tools to identify and rectify potential integration issues.
  • Regression Strategy Define a robust testing approach that safeguards software integrity and functionality, including planned upgrades by your provider.
  • Test Automation Select the right tool and automate your regression package to reduce test upgrade effort!

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