Business Analysis and Innovation

Transformation is based on 3 main pillars

Business Analysis
and Requirements design

Strategy & Innovation

Requirement Lifecycle

Business Analysis and Requirements design

Business Analysis and Requirements design are the keys activities to drive efficiency innovation and successful strategic projects outcomes.
Our service offering is designed to guide clients through the entire lifecycle, from understanding organizational objectives to delivering detailed requirements for effective implementation:

  • Elicitation activities and collaboration with stakeholders
  • Process Modelling
  • Requirement Definition
  • Priorisation and Validation
  • Analyse of potential value of solution options
  • Client training and support

Strategy & Innovation

Strategic and Innovation service is designed to develop robust strategies that align clients with their business goals and foster innovation to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving market.

  • Application Portfolio Assessment
  • Identify Strategic and Tactical Business Topics
  • Decision Support
  • Recommendation Engine Development
  • Support to business case definition
  • Design thinking Workshop

Requirement Lifecycle Management

Requirement Lifecycle Management ( RLM) refers to the systematic process of managing and controlling requirements throughout their entire lifecycle, from inception to retirement.

It requests a solid and structured approach to ensure the success of the project delivery and system development:

  • Assess the current RLM process and identify improvements areas
  • Défine the RLM governance and process for the orgnaisation
  • Organize the requirements obtained, model them, validate and verify
  • Identification and selection RLM tool
  • Proof of Concept / Proof of Value of RLM tool
  • Manage and maintain the requirements

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