About Hamlet Consulting

Hamlet Consulting is a dynamic european consulting company based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with offices in Paris and Moscow.

Based in Luxembourg since 2003, we have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the specificities of the Luxembourgish market as well as a solid reputation of expertise, professionalism, quality and reliability.

Ultimately, our objective is customer satisfaction.

Our values

  • Excellence: Hamlet Consulting hires talented junior and senior consultants, holder of a Master of Science who graduated from Universities or French “Hautes Ecoles”. Our research and development team of top experts follow-up on the latest proven methodologies and standards.
  • Communication: We remain in constant communication with our clients and with our consultants, both during and in-between projects. We value honesty and transparency.
  • Proactiveness: we are always pro-actively researching and proposing innovative and optimal solutions to business challenges.
  • Agility: Our flat corporate structure and human size allow for prompt adaptation to an ever changing business environment.
  • Resource optimisation: Our main driver on projects is finding creative ways to address your business challenges while maximising your return on investment.